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Online Teaching



Online CME from Harvard University & Massachusetts General Hospital

- Virtual Professional Lectures and Group Discussions

- Certification from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital

- Organized by Athinoula A. Martinos Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

- Participants Recruitment from China by UCIBN - Global Business Network

- Courses:

  1. Clinical Research Skill Enhancement

  2. Hospital Management

  3. Radiology for Breast Cancer

  4. Diagnosis & Treatment of Breast Cancer

  5. Advanced Treatment for peripheral T-cell lymphoma

  6. Advanced Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Harvard University
Massachusetts General Hospital
Athinoula A. Martinos Center For Biomedical Imaging
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Online Platform to Chinese Healthcare Professionals

  • Organized by UCIBN - Global Business Network and White Mountain Medical Foundation

  • MatChat: Official Online Platform approved by CCME in China

  • e-Essay

  • Virtual CME Courses

  • Live Video

  • Interactive Meeting and Conferences

  • Online Survey

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White Mountain Medical Foundation
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